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Day 13: Favorite Monster Of The Week

Terror Toad, y'all. Mostly because the one PR book I owned as a kid was the novelization of Power Rangers Punks, and I read the shit out of it. I'm not even sure I ever even saw the whole episode until my All-of-PR Marathon, because I remember being excited to finally actually see the battle and OMG it was everything I hoped for. Even the inexplicable "sometimes it's a beam of light from his horn, sometimes it's his actual tongue" bit was charming. And the skin of his stomach TELLS YOU WHAT HE HAS EATEN*. He makes no sense and I love him.

*This may actually be what edges him out over Pudgy Pig, the MOTW of the one VHS of PR I had growing up.

1-How did you get into PR?
2-Favorite season
3-Favorite Team
4-Favorite Male Ranger
5-Favorite Female Ranger
6-Favorite sixth Ranger
7-Favorite Color Ranger
8-Favorite formerly evil Ranger
9-Favorite Villain
10-Favorite redeemed villain
11-Favorite villain henchmen
12-Favorite villain sidekick
13-Favorite Monster of the Week
14-Favorite Mentor
15-Favorite Support Staff
16-Favorite Supporting character
17-Favorite Couple (canon)
18-Favorite Couple (Fanon)
19-Favorite friendship
20-Favorite Teamup
21-Favorite HQ
22-Favorite Earth Location
23-Favorite non-Earth location
24-Favorite Zord
25-Favorite Uniforms
26-Favorite morph call/sequence
27-Favorite Morpher
28-Favorite under a spell
29-Favorite storyarc/episode
30-Favorite finale


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