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A Few Months Sally Bowles, PG, 313 Words
Sally lied to Brian, and she's not sure why. (My first fic ever!)

Power Rangers
Obvious/Oblivious MMPR, Adam/Rocky, PG-13, 7995 words
Warning: The vague nature of mind-altering spells in the PR universe makes for a gray area around consent. The worst that happens is prompts some rangers to flirt with a ranger who would normally be outside the range of their sexualities. (Awkwardly.)
Adam didn't even mean to convince his friends he was straight. Once he did, things got a whole lot more complicated.

Cloak, Dad, Anger Post-Time Force, Nadira/Lucas, Ransik, G, 2069 words
The last thing Ransik ever expected to be was the father of the bride.

Return of an Old Friend Post-Zeo, Billy/Kim, PG/PG-13, 1959 words
Billy ran away to Aquitar to find what he needed, but maybe he'd left it behind.

Waiting and Expecting MMPR-Turbo futurefic, Adam/Tanya, G, 100 words
Waiting rooms are awful places

Reflections of Red PR Samurai, Mike/Jayden, PG, 100 words
Who are you when there aren't expectations to live up to?

Green, Yellow, Green PR Samurai, Emily/Mike, G, 100 words
First impressions can trip you up

College is for Meeting People WF/Turbo, Justin/Alyssa, PG, 283 Words
You never quite know how the night will turn out

Jive Turkey (Investigative Backbeat Remix) Remix for [ profile] itsbuttery, NS, G, 2192 words
There are Power Rangers in Blue Bay Harbor. Do you know how many questions that raises for a business owner? Especially the proprietor of Storm Chargers, as it's clientele is mostly young adults. What if Power Rangers shop there? What if one of the Rangers works for her? What if she fires a Ranger?

Harry Potter/The Picture of Dorian Gray
Untitled Drabble Draco Malfoy, Dorian Gray, PG, 100 Words
Dorian moved the hallway mirror, the bastard

Original Fic:
Sweet Grapes PG-13, script, 936 words
Sometimes, you shouldn't get "the usual."

MotheRed PG-13, awful formatting from copypasting from Word that I haven't fixed yet, 2659 words
Randolph is leaving home for better Fields.
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