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Just once, I'd like a writing project I take on to remain the size I originally thought it was, or maybe even wind up shorter than expected.

You guys, I'm not just aiming for a blackout on my Ranger Bingo card. I'm aiming for a 'Verse. I'd like to stay fairly mum about the thing, since god knows I'm going to be jiggering the thing about significantly before I start setting anything to paper (which is why even though I promised a story a week, nothing's been forthcoming yet). All I'm going to say right now is the running theme of the stories is "The thing you're proudest of that you've never told anyone."

There will be pan-season stories, and stories that focus on each of the seasons individually (although right now Time Force gets some of its focus split to SPD. I may have to pull one of the RPM stories over even though I really like both ideas. And I guess Zeo and PRiS are sharing a bit, too. Hm). And if I feel like any of the seasons get shafted in covering the bingo card, I guess I'll consider "FREE SPACE" a prompt, or just write something that fits in. There's going to be a lot of room to insert moments into canon, the way I plan to write this.

(Oh, and [ profile] second_batgirl don't worry - you'll get more details, just not here ;D )
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