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So, I totally died off on this meme for a while, and have been doing TWENTY DAYS OF CATCHING UP. However, my personality dictates that I backdate all the entries onto their appropriate days, because... well, because. So my solution for not being rude and making you open twenty tabs of me yammering about children's television, I'm collecting ALL of my answers here and adding the bonus Day 31 [ profile] second_batgirl did as penance for falling behind on her meme. If you've been following as I posted, start at Day 11 if you don't want to reread.

Day 1: How did you get into PR?

I actually watched from nearly the beginning, if not the beginning. I may have missed the first airing of Day of the Dumpster, but I most definitely saw the out-of-order airing of Food Fight that came next. Pudgy Pig made an impression on young me. So did Billy, because whenever I played Power Rangers out in my backyard, I used a couple point-free lawn darts as the separated Power Lance.

I continued watching through Time Force, though I had an amazing knack for missing the ends of seasons - I didn't see Countdown to Destruction, for example, until I did my whole-series marathon that I started a couple summers ago. I fell out of watching because I started high school during TF, and suddenly I had shit going on on Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons ALL THE TIME, and when I didn't have anything going on on a Saturday, that meant GLORIOUS SLEEP.

I got back into watching, and into the fandom proper*, in the summer of 2008. I don't even remember what set it off, but I decided that I was going to watch through all the seasons of PR that I had seen before, so I could catch all those episodes I'd missed (ESPECIALLY the end of TF, because seriously). Then I went "Eh, I can throw in WF, finish out the Fox Kids era." Then I went "That's more than half the series, I'll just watch the whole thing." Except for OO, I'm glad I did. (I'm kidding. OO has an entertaining theme song, if you imagine the B-52s are singing it, and that's actually worth a lot to me and my camp loving heart.)

*I'd kiiiind of been in the fandom before. I wasn't on any forums, didn't read fic or anything, but I read enough fansites to have found out about Super Sentai during Lost Galaxy.

Day 2: Favorite Season

This is tough. From a quality perspective, it's going to be between In Space, Time Force, or RPM. From an enjoyment perspective, IDEK. The ways I like different seasons are so different sometimes that there's really no direct comparison. I like the above for the level of storytelling and the general skill with which the season is put together. I like MMPR for the unbearable cheese and the amount of growth as a show that has happened by the end of S3. Zeo is full of strong characters and personality from the supporting cast... I CANNOT DECIDE

This post is now about why Turbo isn't shit. (Note: the movie is still kind of shit. Plus, makeup and wardrobe apparently hated Catherine Sutherland.)

Turbo is kind of shaky early on - the writers had no idea what to do with this kid character they clearly had foisted on them by either Saban or network execs, and they made decisions that really alienate the audience from Justin. There's a weird timeskip-without-a-timeskip going on (YOU CAN'T STUDENT TEACH RIGHT OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL), which boils down to me counting the first Turbo team as the real first "adult" team. JDF was already starting to check out, so Tommy, glorious leader and center of attention since his return as the White Ranger is suddenly ignoring his friends for a racecar (SOMEONE WRITE ME TOMMY/RACECAR), but I don't care, because Tommy is boring anyway.

On top of all this (and more!) the show is dealing with adapting battle footage from a parody season at the same time the show is trying to grow up with the characters. It... doesn't work entirely. It doesn't fail, either, but it's a bit shaky. Carol Hoyt is kind of carrying the season for a while as Divatox.

Then the cast change happens. Cassie is <3, TJ is adorable, and Ashley and Carlos are... there. They never get misused, and sometimes are even used well, but they're definitely kind of background. But that's okay! Because the show finally starts embracing the complete ridiculousness of the Carranger footage. The pizza episode isn't meant to be taken seriously, and that's where a lot of the ranger fandom hate for it comes from, at least on the boards where a lot of the fandom does its best to pretend PR is not a kids' show. It's kind of the perfect example in my book, though, of how to properly take not taking yourself seriously seriously. "The evil pizzas were no match for a simple stop light"? COME ON THAT IS GOLD. If the guy voicing the Blue Senturion had at all inflected that line as if it were a joke, it would have failed. Instead, it's delivered completely seriously, and that is hilarious.

I do think that the one major misstep after the cast change is bringing back Hillary Shephard as Divatox. She's the one person in the cast who completely fails at hitting the "don't deliver it as a joke" tone that the second half of the series has. I don't blame her, because she's just continuing to play Divatox as she did in the movie, but if Carol Hoyt's Divatox had remained for the second half of the season, it would have been magnificent.

Plus, now that Justin has a real place in the team as the most veteran ranger, and his plots are more about parental abandonment and less about "OMG SUPERSMART LOOK I'M IN HIGH SCHOOL," he's actually interesting, even if he's still not a favorite.

Plus, something I think the fandom often fails to acknowledge, In Space isn't just what it is because Turbo's ratings tanked. It is what it is because it followed directly on the tail of Turbo - there was a lot of serious storytelling and production effort already happening there, and honestly, the show was borderline starting to stagnate anyway. If it hadn't essentially reworked itself over the course of Turbo while still being Power Rangers, I don't think the production team would have been as open to all the change that happened in In Space.

It's a shame the movie was such a clusterfuck, though.

Day 3: Favorite Team

So after yesterday's wall of text, this is a short one!

Ninja Storm. Because Tori and Cam are awesome, Dustin is adorable, Tori and Cam are awesome, Blake is also adorable but not as adorable as Dustin, Tori and Cam are awesome, while Hunter and Shane are largely just kind of there, they're the only Disney rangers to successfully become less jackass as the season goes on (Sky), and Tori and Cam are awesome.

Day 4: Favorite Male Ranger

Oh hey, I almost forgot to do this. I go to work in under an hour, so it would have gone undone and then I'd be all sadface.

Anyway! Favorite male ranger. Hm. I'd say I probably crushed hardest on Billy, with Adam coming a close second, but I think my favorite male ranger is TJ.

And not just because he's the first black leader of the Power Rangers.

He was just so gleefully heroic without falling into the goody-goody trap that (despite their bullying) the first few sets of rangers fell into. He kept a sense of humor about things, was not so Leaderly he couldn't take input or step aside even while Red, and in fact had no problem whatsoever going "Sure, Andros, you know a hell of a lot more about the situation than I do, by all means lead," and stepping aside to be a kickass tactics guy. A kickass tactics guy with spray paint that magically adheres only to Psycho Ranger figurines and not the chessboard they're sitting on, but a kickass tactics guy nonetheless. Plus, he looked good in blue.

And after C2D, he and Cassie travel the world Having Adventures and Awesome Sex. With a camera crew, but only for the Adventures. (Adventures include Cassie having a band.)

In seriousness, I think he's my favorite because I just can't imagine anyone not liking him. Name any other ranger, and I think I can probably give you a reason I would accept as to why someone would be annoyed by them, even if I disagree, but TJ is just puppies and rainbows.

Day 5: Favorite Female Ranger

Can I say Umeko? No? Sentai doesn't count? Damn. 'Cause Umeko is awesome and like my favorite ever. EVER.

If I have to stick to PR, it's tougher. There's a lot about Rose that I identify with on paper, but the execution isn't strong, and some of it's stuff I don't exactly like about myself. I'm tempted to say Madison just so she doesn't fade out of existence, but. I mean, I don't dislike her, but there's really not much "her" to like. (Melanie Vallejo seems nice enough, and I'm totally jealous she got to date Firass Dirani, BTW.) Kira's pretty cool, but her lyric writing "skills" kind of grate. (I'm pretty sure the first time she sings, it's like thirty lines that are all the same line. AAAAGH.) The Saban-era girls (and Taylor) all get enough love, so I don't have to name check them on the way to my answer, and Alyssa is a ridiculous shell of Sue-ish traits, so.

OH COME ON YOU KNOW I WAS GOING TO SAY TORI IS AWESOME. I mean, Tori. It's rare that someone can pull off being the Team Mom while still being on a totally even playing field with everyone (except Cam). She surfs! She's badass! She FOUGHT AN ENTIRE TEAM OF EVIL RANGERS ALONE JUST BECAUSE SHE WAS THE ONLY ONE THERE TO DO IT. Tori's awesome needs no explanation.

(Cassie was a reeeeally close second, and probably would have won if they'd kept more of her Passing the Torch characterization in the long run.)

Day 6: Favorite Sixth Ranger


Okay, no, not Sam at all. Sam is nobody's favorite sixth. Actually I have different answers depending on if we're going from a study-in-personality approach or a who-I-like approach.

For the former, Gem and Gemma, who I think are acceptable as one answer, because their psychoses kind of make them one person. Considering that this is true in Alphabet Soup, long before they spend a year in isolation surrounded by a world that is nearly completely dead, this is not merely a developed response to their environment. Certainly, it was helped along (by AS as well, since they were each others only peer for almost all of their time there), but still. Plus, they brought a level of pure sociopathy to the show that hadn't been even approached by any of the villains. Darkonda and Deviot both reveled in the suffering that their self-serving actions caused others (and occasionally caused suffering that was unrelated to advancing their needs), but Gem and Gemma literally do not care if their goals hurt others. Damn.

Also, their map of the desert was the bestest thing ever. RAINBOWS!

As far as who I just liked having onscreen, though, Zhane beats them a little. He's charismatic, cute, and loves harmlessly dicking with people, even if he sometimes crosses the line. (And points for legitimately regretting it when he realizes he has.) His powers are awesome, if joined by a dune buggy, and his morpher is so advanced a lightning strike repairs it.

Also, without him, an AU wherein Andros becomes an intergalactic Mr. Freeze couldn't exist.

Day 7: Favorite Color Ranger

I'm going to go ahead and interpret that as "rank the colors based on your feelings for the rangers of each color, as a group" because why not.

Metallic: Gold has almost enough rangers to count on its own, but I'm grouping in Silver, Titanium, and Mercury as well, since, once grouped, they're also almost enough to count as a group. Throw the metallics all together, and it's totally legit. As a group, Tyzonn is really the only weak member. I've already raved about Gem and Gemma and Zhane, because they're awesome. Ryan is amazing, but underused (I blame McDonald's, for reasons that make perfect sense if you know the PRLR production stories). Trey is a little ridiculous, but he's pretty and there are three of him. Jason is more of a real person, when he's back as the black Gold Zeo Ranger. And then Tyzonn. He's not a bad character, but he's not good, either, and he's unfortunately inconsistently written. Merrick is also pretty cool on paper, and has one of the few WF actors to reach "passable," though he probably wouldn't seem so okay in a better season.

Green: Adam, Trip, Ziggy, Bridge and Xander. Awesome. Also Carlos and Damon, who... exist. And Joel who is sometimes awesome, sometimes very not. And also Tommy, who just no.

Yellow: I originally had Yellow under Blue, but then I realized that really, only Ronny, Lily, and Summer bring blues down, and that's more through being dull than bad. Well, Ronny's annoying, but mostly ignored by OO, so that's fine. Plus, without a yellow, WF would have had as suck a cast as OO. That makes Taylor worth a lot. Also: TANYA :D .

Blue: Saban Blues: Never dip below "pretty cool", reach as high as OMG BILLY :D . After that, it gets REALLY inconsistent. Theres "NEVER GIVE UP", followed by OMG TORI <3, followed by "Sure he grows out of his ego but it lasts too long" Ethan, followed by "JUST STOP SPEAKING" Sky, followed by some girl with like three lines, followed by a stuntman whose right to a name I've revoked, followed by Theo, followed by <3 Flynn <3. Good blues are great. Bad blues are awful. Mostly good ones, though.

Pink: Kim is probably the pink-done-right, Kat was kind of shafted, Cassie was awesome. Kendrix... was interesting but sort of not much at the same time, until her self-sacrifice. Karone was amazing in the scripts written for Karone. In the episodes written for Cassie that got reworked... eh. Except for Jen, who is amaaaaazing, the rest of the pinks are kind of a sea of mediocrity.

Red: A lot of reds get saddled with being carried more by plot than by character (Nick), which means that a lot of them are kind of unmemorable as people. Might have placed higher if Rocky-as-red hadn't been shafted by "OMG KIDS IT'S TOMMY" writing.

Black: There haven't been many, and Adam and Dillon are the only ones to rise above mediocrity. Also, Will sucks SO MUCH.

White: Alyssa. Tommy. Sam. Sorry, Delphine, you can only do so much.

The rest: Actually, as a group probably rank semi-high, but for every awesome like RJ or "holy shit, this plot" Magna Defender, you have a blip like Nova Ranger or "did he do anything other than die for a while?" Mike. Very mixed group.

Day 8: Favorite formerly evil Ranger

Gonna have to go with Ryan on this one. He's actually the only starts-as-evil Ranger I can think of that I even like, at the moment. I mean, I like Trent, but he's more junkie than evil, and the White Dino Ranger isn't ever fully evil until the stupid, stupid clone is made.

Among other reasons that Ryan is aces is that rather than be given ranger powers by villains who have them to give, HE STEALS THEM FROM THE GOOD GUYS. WIN. Plus, he's pretty, has awesome powers, gets to be shirtless a lot because of the tattoo, KICKS ASS, and is completely not annoying like ever.

Day 9: Favorite Villain

Astronema and Carol-Hoyt-Divatox are both way up there, but this has to go to Trakeena. She's the first time we get to see a villain really develop their drive to be EVIL, rather than just have evil morals. She starts as the latter, and totally spoiled and kind of directionless. She helps Scorpius fight the rangers, but more because he's her dad than out of any specific animosity. And then we see her discover ambition, and revenge. It's the first real character growth anyone evil-to-the-end has gotten on the show, and it's still the best, in my book.

Plus, even though it was technically some kind of Trakeviot, that final battle with Leo was AMAZING.

Day 10: Favorite Redeemed Villain

I want to say Ecliptor, I really do, but... he's not redeemed. Everything about him that makes the case for him being just as able to be purified by the Z-wave instead of just destroyed was already there when he was being unrepentantly evil. His love for Astronema and his honor in fighting are commendable, but he's STILL EVIL. That's why he's an awesome character. If he'd ever received any actual redemption in terms of having given up Evil, he'd be right here on top of the list, but he's not available to choose from.

I could spend ages running down why the likely more popular choices aren't mine, but instead, I would just like to get right into squeeing about Itassis. Why did she defect to the side of good? Because Magiranger footage says so in order to understand Good, she needed to become Good. SO SHE DID. How often do you see the whole Evil Cannot Comprehend Good trope playing out like that? In Magiranger You DON'T. This wasn't some emotional "but being bad hurts people" thing. There weren't any connections to rangers being used to try to pull her to the side of good. Hell, the rangers never even consider that it might happen.

Itassis just looks rationally at the situation, sees that the rangers are winning despite what she sees as severe relative weakness, and when she finds out what makes them strong, she goes "I don't get it. If I have to be good to get it, so be it. It's going to make me stronger and more knowledgeable, so it's worthwhile." And she definitely gives the impression she's more into exploring this completely unknown concept than she is in getting the strength that understanding it will afford her.

Is her redemption the most "pure" or "earned"? Absolutely not, and I'm certainly not arguing that it is. It's just the most fascinating.

Day 11: Favorite Villain Henchpeople

As amused as I am that Grinders are world-destroying robots that can be cut in half by a school bus door closing on them, I'm going to have to go with the Putties, because all things considered, no mooks ever really performed better or worse than others, and if all we're going on is design, Putties. All the way. The Piranhatron technically have them beat a bit on design, but the nostalgia factor wins.

(Although, if Sentai counted/they'd been imported from Dairanger, the Kottopottoro/Kotpotros/nine million other romanizations are probably the best design I've seen.)

Day 12: Favorite Villain Sidekick

This is a tough call. I mean, the Psycho Rangers collectively get as much screen time as some generals have, but as Linkara pointed out, they kind of interrupt the plot of the season (save for the "draining Dark Specter's energy" bit), rather than take part in it.

Tenaya was pretty awesome, but the Astronema retread (well-done as it was, bar how long it took to actually get moving) did a lot to remove her villain status, and I don't know that I can say that anyone working against the villains the last time they had free will before the final arc is best at being a villain sidekick, y'know?

And as much as I love Ecliptor, he is nobody's fucking sidekick.

So... Jindrax and Toxica? They (and Taylor) pretty much singlehandedly saved WF from being total shit, which gives them a free pass on defecting to good before the final battle. Seriously, in a season full of poor acting, poor acting hampering the moments when interesting plot was happening, and poor acting making Shayla's stupid singing even worse, they were fun. If only Tzachor had let the writers choose a berzerk button for Toxica that wasn't so directly translated from Gaoranger. I could hear the Oba-san/Onee-san in the Gao script every time Toxica said something about "Grandma? You mean older sister, right?" because THAT DOES NOT TRANSLATE DIRECTLY TO AMERICAN CULTURE. But.

In conclusion: IDK. I like a lot of them, so I've given it to the ones who stood out most in their season.

Day 13: Favorite Monster Of The Week

Terror Toad, y'all. Mostly because the one PR book I owned as a kid was the novelization of Power Rangers Punks, and I read the shit out of it. I'm not even sure I ever even saw the whole episode until my All-of-PR Marathon, because I remember being excited to finally actually see the battle and OMG it was everything I hoped for. Even the inexplicable "sometimes it's a beam of light from his horn, sometimes it's his actual tongue" bit was charming. And the skin of his stomach TELLS YOU WHAT HE HAS EATEN*. He makes no sense and I love him.

*This may actually be what edges him out over Pudgy Pig, the MOTW of the one VHS of PR I had growing up.

Day 14: Favorite Mentor

RJ. I don't believe any explanation is necessary, but just in case:

*He's one of the few good mentors in the series.
*He pulls of simultaneous rangering and mentoring (and for much longer than Udonna)
*He did not destroy 99% of the world. (I love Doctor K as a character, but when you're mentoring a team of rangers who are only necessary because of your own actions, you lose a lot of points as a mentor.)
*He isn't the father of the Red Ranger he may or may not have a thing for.
*While simultaneously rangering and mentoring (and developing ranger tech) he runs a pizza place.
*He must know how to make an AMAZING pizza, because the service at said pizza place is regularly awful, and yet it stays in business. Then again, maybe the civilians love Fran just as much as the audience.
*He didn't have to learn to appreciate Fran.
*He doesn't let his family issues define the season, like some other rangers.
*The stool kicking.


*He leads from a comfy chair.

Day 15: Favorite Support Staff

I think Cam's too much of a ranger to count, so Kat Manx. She was probably my favorite character that season. Having now seen most of Dekaranger, I'm pretty sure it's because she's the only character to keep 100% of the awesomeness of her Japanese counterpart*. Well, probably about 90%, but then she supplies and equal, but different 10% of her own. <3

*Seriously. Dekaranger: full of amusing, loveable, AWESOME characters. SPD: A lot of you are assholes.

Day 16: Favorite Supporting Character

FRAN. Full stop. If you don't understand why, just go watch Wild Force. Her awesomeness exceeds description. She even almost made Dominic a real character, people. DOMINIC.

Day 17: Favorite Couple (Canon)

Either Leelee/Phineas or Camille/Jarrod, although that might be a bit of Holly Shanahan bias. The former really needs a fanvid set to Secondary Characters from [title of show] and the latter is technically a giant mess of vague, but Holly completely sells it and Camille is just so generally awesome that I don't care about the whole Jarrod-or-Dai Shi thing that made so little sense.

Day 18: Favorite Couple (fanon)

I do love me some Adam/Rocky, but Claire/Chip just sprang into my mind and I'm kind of at least in love with the idea of it. As I am Trip/Chip, which I will ...someday be writing as part of my as yet unnamed PR Bingo 'verse. So maybe Chip/ANY-AND-EVERYONE*?

*Except Dax

Day 19: Favorite Friendship

Bulk and Skull. Do I really need to explain this one?

Day 20: Favorite Teamup

Reinforcements From The Future, people. This teamup is probably responsible for 90% of the fervor for Saban to BRING BACK TEAMUPSSSS!!!!!! on the boards. It's also helps strengthen the canon behind part of what I'm writing for Alpha's Magical Fic Exchange, so that's nice too. Plus, it's one of the few parts of WF that stand out for being good, and you've got to love it just for being that.

In conclusion, Jen in leather. Er, sorry about that, y'all know I'm a gay man. I meant so say that in conclusion, JEN IN LEATHER.

Day 21: Favorite HQ

As far as temp bases go, the GO-ONGER just for the "Did they really just do that?" factor.

For for-reals HQs, I'd have to say that the Zeo Command Center was pretty cool for it's retired suits in tubes/underground accidental Batcaveish nature. (Yes, we got shots of the exterior aboveground, but official promo materials show, and the first eps of Zeo imply, that the room itself is underground.) However, Rootcore wins for being in a tree, having the spinny panels for getting on the brooms, the awesome stained glass, and A BUNCH OF COMPUTER SCREENS THAT NOBODY EVER USES. Also, Dragon mouth entrance.

Day 22: Favorite Earth Location

Just Angel Grove as a whole. Life there is so (mostly) endearingly strange that I would love to live there, six years of monster attacks and all. Plus, the economy runs on martial arts, and there are people all over the place essentially teaching you HOW TO MINT YOUR OWN MONEY, in light of that. Good times.

Day 23: Favorite Non-Earth Location

Onyx. Partially because you knew that if Onyx showed up, plot was going to happen, and partially because the idea of not just a Wild West Planet, but a Wild West Planet inhabited only by the bad guys strikes me as pretty awesome, despite the necessity of bad guys to make it work. It was an amazing place, and I hope someday Saban can visit it again. The Gokaiger adaptation is probably the soonest it can sensibly happen, though. Sadface.

Day 24: Favorite Zord

I have a soft spot for the RPM Ultrazord. Partially because it's a giant clusterfuck of WHUT at every stage, partially because YOU GUYS YOU GUYS I OWN IT.

My actual favorite though, has probably been the Super Zeo Zord, ever since I first saw it. I mean, conceptually, "Hey, it's a bunch of shapes!" is really stupid, and not at all threatening to one's enemy. They just look REALLY COOL.

Also, all Zords with flaming swords get bonus points.

Day 25: Favorite Uniforms

Samurai Rangers. They're simple without lacking identity, like the Alien Ranger suits. There's not a disconnect between the suits and the helmets, like in LG. They're not SUPER BUSY like Turbo, and they're not just kind of stupid like the RPM suits.

They're a stylized samurai's robe with a symmetrified kanji on the helmet to tell you their element. All the information you need is there, and none of the useless frippery that sometimes happens. Plus, the powerup looks pretty awesome and feels more like something of the uniform than something on it.

SPD is a close second, tied with MF.

Samurai Rangers also win the unmorphed uniform, because ARMS.

Day 26: Favorite Morph Call/Sequence

"It's Morphin' Time!" will always be my favorite morphing call, but I think SPD has the best post-call sequence. The backspring is totally unnecessary, but just plain cool, and it's not like it's happening in the in-show IRL. It's all pretty and technology and yeeeeeah.

Day 27: Favorite Morpher

The OO Trackers, partially because of their major functionality compared to most other morphers, but mostly because the wheel gimmick is awesome and one of the few things that OO didn't fuck up.

Day 28: Favorite Under A Spell

It's a tie between VIDA IS A VAMPIRE and the episode of Zeo where everyone hates each other over holidays. Different kinds of fun, but both very enjoyable. The latter is also full of camp (largely supplied by Tanya), and we all know how I love camp. Plus, any appearance by Raymond is Good Times.

Day 29: Favorite Storyarc/Episode

Favorite Storyarc? Psycho Rangers. I know I've already pointed out during this meme that their arc totally interrupts the season, but I don't care. It's an extremely entertaining interruption, and the extension of the arc into Lost Galaxy worked incredibly well and produced what would be the best teamup if not for Reinforcements From The Future. TJ got to show off his tactical mind, Zhane got to show off his trolling skills, and if not for the Psycho Rangers, there would be no character available who could credibly pull off the kind of threat needed in order to kill Kendrix when Valerie Vernon's health called for it, at that point in the season.

Also, the arc itself was one of the better paced arcs in the show, even if it put the season on pause.

Favorite single episode? Doctor K. Hands down. It's probably the best distillation of the way that RPM refused to treat kids like idiots throughout the run of RPM, and it's just a good episode, besides that. Powerful in and of itself, advancing the series arc, and providing some meaty dramatic irony for the next few episodes, it's just... good.

Day 30: Favorite Finale

There's a lot to be said for Countdown to Destruction, but if we're going by strength of emotional response, The End of Time hit me SO MUCH HARDER. I cried during Linkara's recap of it, you guys. The story being told in those episodes may not have reached back as far as CtD did, but it reached a whole lot deeper into human experience and emotion, in my opinion. Both were equally epic in scale, but the latter was, for me, thematically heavier, and that scores a lot in my book.

Day 31: Favorite Weapon

Individually, I think the Power Axe is my favorite, just for how badass it looks. My favorite combined weapon, though, is Time Force's, even though I can't remember the name, just for how FUCKING HUGE it and its components are.

1-How did you get into PR?
2-Favorite season
3-Favorite Team
4-Favorite Male Ranger
5-Favorite Female Ranger
6-Favorite sixth Ranger
7-Favorite Color Ranger
8-Favorite formerly evil Ranger
9-Favorite Villain
10-Favorite redeemed villain
11-Favorite villain henchmen
12-Favorite villain sidekick
13-Favorite Monster of the Week
14-Favorite Mentor
15-Favorite Support Staff
16-Favorite Supporting character
17-Favorite Couple (canon)
18-Favorite Couple (Fanon)
19-Favorite friendship
20-Favorite Teamup
21-Favorite HQ
22-Favorite Earth Location
23-Favorite non-Earth location
24-Favorite Zord
25-Favorite Uniforms
26-Favorite morph call/sequence
27-Favorite Morpher
28-Favorite under a spell
29-Favorite storyarc/episode
30-Favorite finale


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