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So yeah, this is my "make November productive" activity, because I'm looking for a second job right now, and hope to have it soon, which will be less than productive for getting something like NaNo done, and fuck mustaches.

Day 1: How did you get into PR?

I actually watched from nearly the beginning, if not the beginning. I may have missed the first airing of Day of the Dumpster, but I most definitely saw the out-of-order airing of Food Fight that came next. Pudgy Pig made an impression on young me. So did Billy, because whenever I played Power Rangers out in my backyard, I used a couple point-free lawn darts as the separated Power Lance.

I continued watching through Time Force, though I had an amazing knack for missing the ends of seasons - I didn't see Countdown to Destruction, for example, until I did my whole-series marathon that I started a couple summers ago. I fell out of watching because I started high school during TF, and suddenly I had shit going on on Saturday mornings and weekday afternoons ALL THE TIME, and when I didn't have anything going on on a Saturday, that meant GLORIOUS SLEEP.

I got back into watching, and into the fandom proper*, in the summer of 2008. I don't even remember what set it off, but I decided that I was going to watch through all the seasons of PR that I had seen before, so I could catch all those episodes I'd missed (ESPECIALLY the end of TF, because seriously). Then I went "Eh, I can throw in WF, finish out the Fox Kids era." Then I went "That's more than half the series, I'll just watch the whole thing." Except for OO, I'm glad I did. (I'm kidding. OO has an entertaining theme song, if you imagine the B-52s are singing it, and that's actually worth a lot to me and my camp loving heart.)

*I'd kiiiind of been in the fandom before. I wasn't on any forums, didn't read fic or anything, but I read enough fansites to have found out about Super Sentai during Lost Galaxy.

1-How did you get into PR?
2-Favorite season
3-Favorite Team
4-Favorite Male Ranger
5-Favorite Female Ranger
6-Favorite sixth Ranger
7-Favorite Color Ranger
8-Favorite formerly evil Ranger
9-Favorite Villain
10-Favorite redeemed villain
11-Favorite villain henchmen
12-Favorite villain sidekick
13-Favorite Monster of the Week
14-Favorite Mentor
15-Favorite Support Staff
16-Favorite Supporting character
17-Favorite Couple (canon)
18-Favorite Couple (Fanon)
19-Favorite friendship
20-Favorite Teamup
21-Favorite HQ
22-Favorite Earth Location
23-Favorite non-Earth location
24-Favorite Zord
25-Favorite Uniforms
26-Favorite morph call/sequence
27-Favorite Morpher
28-Favorite under a spell
29-Favorite storyarc/episode
30-Favorite finale


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